Mindset: The Invisible Ground on Which We Stand

Jeff Staggs (he/him/they)

Jeff Staggs (he/him/they)

Board Member, Founder, Program Director ECO Faculty

Our mindsets are elusive because they are invisible and yet they shape every aspect of our lives and leadership.  You might think from a Google Search that the “Growth Mindset” is the only mindset there is, but the fact is, we are always shaping our world and actions and ourselves based on our mindset.  The question is, how do we make the invisible visible?  If we can do that, then we can see more clearly how our mindset as a leader is shaping our actions and our organizations.  Here are three questions I ask leaders to consider to start to see their own mindsets:

 1.         What do you see as the problem or challenge in the current situation?

2.         What do you think you should do about it and why?

3.         What are the beliefs or assumptions behind your response to question 2?

 If you lay out your responses in a column you can see the connections between your assumptions, actions, and how you frame a situation.  This begins to reveal your operating mindset.  You can go a layer deeper by asking what underlies the beliefs and assumptions you came up with?  And under that?

 Stepping back and looking at your mindset can help you to see why you are getting the results you are getting.  If you want to change your results, then changing your mindset is the key!  These questions can help you take the first step by building awareness.

 Let us know what you learn from this simple exercise.  And, if you want to know more, join us for some of our learning events or consider our Executive(s) Coaching in Organizations Program.  We guarantee you will learn the skills to work more masterfully with yours and others’ mindsets for transformational results and more engaged and sustainable cultures.

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