Kristen Ell

Kristen Ell

Founding Partner


I’m a Minnesota native, with a professional mix of HR leadership and Coaching (PHR and ACC).  I love using the Predictive Index, Shift+, Enneagram and Inner Team Dialogue to deepen personal exploration with my clients (I would love to chat about your favorite tools too!).  My passion projects are retreats and workshops that explore the power of JOY with clients using a mix of positive psychology and practical application.  Apart from work, I sing in a couple of choirs and enjoy tinkering/crafting with different types of media and methods, and spending time with my family in our favorite past times of rock hunting, metal detecting, video games, and archery. We can often be found hiking, fishing or swimming during the summer, and snuggled up watching movies with our affectionate cats in the winter.

Why I’m a Part of CCO:

My exposure to Coaching positively and profoundly shifted the course of my life, and I believe this same level of empowerment is available to everyone who seeks it. The like-minded and extremely talented community I have met in the process has solidified a call to action in me to see the CCO take root and grow vast with the altruistic belief that we can share our message, skills, and community to ultimately incite the best in each other.

If we meet, you should ask me about:

The PI, my favorite IRL Superpower, and Agates

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