KARLA QUINN (she/her)

Karla Quinn (she/her)

Karla Quinn (she/her)

Founding Partner, Summit Chair

Professional Background:

Hello! My name is Karla Quinn and I am an Executive Coach. For years, people told me they walked away from our conversations with more clarity and a general feeling of peace and direction. For a long time, I thanked people for the compliment and kept moving forward on the path I was on. I always knew something was missing. I held good positions in finance, operations, IT, and management but it was not until I realized the 1 on 1 time with my employees and business partners was the magic that filled my cup. After a simple conversation over coffee with a friend, lightning struck, coaching was my calling. I currently enjoy the best of both worlds working as an IT Manager by day and a Coach by night. I love working with my team in the corporate setting and the individual 1 on 1 work of coaching.

Why I’m a Part of CCO:

I am part of CCO because of my love of coaching. The coaching training program transformed my life and I want to be a part of bringing that transformation to others. The people in this program have challenged me, stretched me, comforted me and become my some of my closest confidants. I want everyone to experience the growth and community I feel in this group.

If We Meet, You Should Ask Me About…:

Stories. My family has a saying, “It’s all about the stories”. Whether it is a funny story about my family, a goofy thing my golden retriever did on our walk, a good book or my latest binge on Netflix, it is the stories that keep my life interesting. I’d love to hear your story.

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