Gretchen Lohmann (she/her)

Gretchen Lohmann (she/her)

Summit Speaker Team

Professional Background:

Gretchen is a Life Coach and HR Consultant focusing on supporting individuals and
organizations towards continuous growth. She considers it such a gift to be able to
coach individuals as it brings so much purpose to her life. Her spark into coaching
was through her own experience working with a life coach. Through this experience
she found greater joy and fulfillment in life which directly impacted those in her
personal and professional life. From this point on she was hooked! She believes that
if we get enough coaches working with people and organizations in this world, it will
make a huge positive impact for humanity.

Why I’m part of CCO:

Gretchen believes coaching is an essential tool for the success of individuals and
companies. The work that CCO is doing is directly aligned with this belief and
mission to unleash human potential through coaching in organizations. Gretchen is
excited to be a part of CCO’s vision and loves the community of people, the
programs, and opportunities being provided.

If we meet, you should ask me about:

Cooking and entertaining. It’s a big part of what we love to do as a family! I love
trying new recipes and having friends or family together for a great meal and good
conversation. It’s truly one of my happy places!

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